In fact, decreases in crime as high as 90% have been recorded where a highly visible CCTV system has been installed in certain high-crime areas, such as shopping centres and parking garages.

Freedom Security offers a complete range of CCTV cameras, including the latest activity triggered dome cameras that provide quality color pictures under the most demanding conditions, with complete 360 degree coverage.

Camera Controls
CCTV controls can now be configured to memorize a site to increase protection in priority areas. Controls can be tailored to provide unrivalled surveillance of sites, whether or not they include guards.

Recording and Storagee
Freedom Security CCTV systems include advanced digital CCTV technology. These systems can record constantly without the need for tapes, allow you to instantly retrieve images, and provide crystal clear, sharp images that never deteriorate.

Remote Viewing
The latest technology in DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) allows you to connect through Broadband Internet services from anywhere in the world, on any laptop or PC. Imagine being able to view your office while away on business or vacation, or check in on your home to watch the kids or nanny. It's as easy as opening your online browser. We'll show you how.

Interactive Video Monitoring
CCTV effectiveness can be taken to a new level with the Freedom Security's Interactive Video Monitoring service. Your CCTV system can be linked to our remote central station around-the-clock and a professional operator can instantly review images, assess what is happening and determine what action to take, including active intervention through voice-down capability.